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Hand-Coded Websites

This website was entirely hand-coded using current HTML5 and CSS3 standards and features custom scripts to maximize cross-browser compatability. There is a "blank" template with all reoccuring components for easy addition of pages. The web site centers itself to accomodate all screen sizes and has a custom made seamless pattern used for the background.

Joomla Websites

These websites were created with the Joomla content manager system (CMS). This PHP based system features server-side dynamic page generation and a secure web interface allowing clients to update their own content. These are not active sites and are screenshots only.

The Ace of Blades Boingo Wireless Support Website - Internal

Wordpress Websites

This site was created with Wordpress (another CMS). It is very similar to Joomla only Wordpress was originally made for Blogs but now does much more. This is a live site.

Dethtrap Motors

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